Weird Inventions

This page features strange, unusual and weird inventions.

Theo Jansen is a Dutch innovator and kinetic sculptor who spent sixteen years engineering some weird inventions.

Constructed from wood, sails, plastic bottles and tubing, Jansen created various skeleton structures that walk along the wind swept beaches of his native Netherlands.

Blending engineering with biomimicry, these large structures known as "Strandbeasts" move like insects when blown by the wind.

Jansen's inventions gained worldwide attention when he was featured in this television commercial for BMW.

Strange Inventions

Tom Baynham and Ben Tyers created these weird inventions following the completion of their Masters degrees in engineering at Cambridge University.

This humorous video demonstrates numerous clever inventions that support Einstein's theory that nothing happens until something moves.

Weird Inventions

weird inventionsA body piercer embedded microdermal implants in his wrist so he could attach an Apple iPod Nano to his arm.

The implanted anchors are magnetic and attach to four metal pads on his iPod so that he can wear the device on his body.

Hurban introduced his strapless media watch, which he calls the "iDermal" at a body piercing convention in Baltimore. "I did it because I wanted a strapless watch" claims Durban.

According to Hurban, his invention is getting a lot of attention. "Obviously, there are a few people who don't like it," he says, noting that someone referred to his creation as the "iDiot".

A video of the procedure has gone viral on Youtube but a word of warning - watching someone punch holes in their skin to embed metal studs amid blood soaked gauzes is not for the faint of heart.


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Man jumps from helicopter without parachute and glides to ground using his new suit.

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Man flies over Grand Canyon with jet engines on his back.

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Ben Gulak gets 1.2 million dollar investment for his dicycle invention.

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New handheld device can identify you by scanning the veins in your hands.

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