Crazy Inventions

Here are some unusual, clever and crazy inventions for those looking for something different, or for something weird and strange.

Crazy Inventions For Dogs

image of Quack dog muzzle

Dog owners have differing opinions on this invention.

Muzzling a dog to prevent it from biting is mandatory in some jurisdictions. But some owners of smaller breeds believe that the current brands of leather and wired muzzles convey a dangerous, mean and out-of-control canine.

Others go so far as to contend that fearful looking muzzles give their pets an anxiety complex.

So "Quack" just might be the solution to this dilemma.

This Japanese invention muzzles your dog with a cute, friendly, playful duck bill that's available in pink, yellow or tan.

image of a dog wearing a quack muzzle that looks like a duck "Quack" is only available for muzzling chihuahua's, miniature poodles, pomeranians, dachshunds and other small breeds.

Apparently, owners of German Shepherds, Labradors, Dobermans, Great Danes, St. Bernards, Collies and other large breeds, don't want their dogs looking "ducky" for fear that it will give their pets an inferiority complex.


Crazy Inventions For Flatulence

image of flatulence filter pad

Breaking wind and feeling embarrassed about any lingering odor can now be avoided by simply using flatulence filters.

Attach a self-adhesive (disposable or reusable) charcoal filter to your underwear and any foul smelling gas is instantly neutralized.

According to scientific studies, it's normal for most of us to pass gas 6 to 20 times a day but 99% of the time there is no foul odor.

But according to the inventors of these filters, the 1% chance that something awful could happen at any moment is impossible to figure out.

Scientists who have studied flatulence have determined that foods high in polysaccharides such as beans, lentils, dairy, oats, wheat, potatoes,turnips, brussel sprouts, onions, broccoli and cabbage will increase the potential for passing foul gas.

However, even with a rigorous diet, foul flatulence remains an unpredictable occurrence.

I don't know if you would give these as a gift, but the inventors are hopeful that preventing embarrassing consequences will make these filters a hot item (no pun intended).


Floating Mug

image of floating mug

Here's something I didn't know. Sipping from the same area on the lip of a cup causes moisture to drip down that side.

That's according to the inventors of the porcelain Floating Mug™.

The problem with this dripping is that it can leave a stain on a table. So this mug has a handle designed and balanced to function also as a coaster.

Now when moisture drips down the cup it will fall on the coaster. If nothing else, it's the perfect distraction for boring conversation over a cup of coffee.


Aerosol Pancakes

image of aerosol pancake can

Batter Blaster is an aerosol can full of ready-made, ready-to-spray, pancake batter.

You may think it as "Reddi Whip Cream meets Aunt Jemima". But it's no ordinary batter.

It's certified USDA organic and it won an Innovation Award from the Grocery Manufacturers Association for exemplary accomplishment in the field of consumer packaged goods.

Good Housekeeping named Batter Blaster the "best new convenience product" of the year, and the company holds the Guinness World Record for making the most pancakes in 8 hours - 76,382.

But holding a spray nozzle mere inches over a searing hot surface is daunting, and despite the great publicity - sales have struggled.



image of clocky alarm clock

Clocky is not your average alarm clock. It will sound an alarm to wake you up but if you don't get out of bed - it gets nasty.

It will jump off your nightstand. It will run around your floor. It will hide. And it will make lots of noise until you get out of bed - chase it - catch it - and turn it off.

Clocky has large rubber wheels and is encased in shock absorbing materials. It can bump, turn, and alter it's routes.

It was invented by Gauri Nanda, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She came up with the idea when she discovered that 40% of alarm clock users ignore the alarm and abuse the snooze button.

This crazy invention won a 2005 Ig Nobel Prize, a parody of the Nobel Prizes, which is given for unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research. "Ig" is a play on the word ignoble meaning "not a noble purpose".


The 6 Second Toothbrush

image of 6-second toothbrush

If you want a faster, better way to brush your teeth, then this clever invention may be what you're looking for.

A group of dentists have invented an crazy looking toothbrush they claim will thoroughly clean your teeth in 6 seconds. 1-2-3-4-5-6- you're done. That's fast.

Here's what you do.

You go to your dentist and have an impression made of your teeth. You have your dentist send the impression to the 6-second-toothbrush dentists. They scan the impression and use a 3d printer to make a customized 400 bristle-studded mouth piece for you.

You fit the mold in your mouth and grind your teeth for 6 seconds for a complete cleaning.

image of 6-second toothbrush Here's how it works.

The bristles are angled and positioned to clean the surfaces of your teeth, and below the gum line, so when you grind your teeth 10 to 15 times it removes all the debris in your mouth.

Traditional toothbrushes can't reach all areas and effective brushing often relies upon good technique and discipline.

So, for about $300 (not including the cost of a dental impression), you can get a really clean mouth really fast.