New Inventions

Bendable Mobile Phone

image of bendable phone

A new invention in flexible screens will allow mobile phones and tablets to be bent, flexed, folded and rolled.

This flexible screen technology will allow compact devices to open up into much larger devices with large screens.

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Gravity Light

photo of Bill Gates Bill Gates called this new invention "a pretty cool innovation".

It's called a GravityLight™ and it works without needing electricity.

It doesn't use any batteries. It doesn't use any fuel. It doesn't need solar power.

This means that 2 billion people who don't have electricity can use this invention to light up their homes.

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Air Pollution Tower

image of pollution tower

The World Health Organization says that air pollution causes the greatest environmental harm to our health.

This invention cleans dirty air from the sky.

The large tower sucks polluted air through its vents and uses a new technology to clean the air before sending it back outside.

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Make A Car In 60 Minutes

image of 3d printed car

A manufacturer is using advanced technology to make cars.

The company predicts consumers will be able to build their own full scale, fully functional, customized cars in about an hour using 3d printers.

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Vein ID Scanner

image of vein scan

A new invention called PalmSecure, reads the veins in our hands for identification.

Vein patterns are unique for each individual - similar to our fingerprints.

Vein recognition is purportedly less expensive and easier than other forms of identification.


Man Flies Like Jet

image of jetman

Inventor and jet fighter pilot, Yves Rossy, flies over the Grand Canyon with small jet engines attached to a wing on his back.

He flew at speeds of 205 mph (330 km) for eight minutes.

Watch the Jetman fly.

Motorcycle Invention

image of dicycle invention

Ben Gulak received a 1.2 million dollar investment for his new invention. An electric one-wheeled cycle that transforms into a conventional motorcycle.

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Invisible Cloaking

image of partially invisible girl

Research scientists at the University of Central Florida are developing an invisible cloaking material that can make things invisible.

This new technology uses metamaterials, which is a type of material that controls light waves.

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image of mythbusters

Adam Savage, the host of "MythBusters" explains how the speed of light was actually discovered in 1849.

He also explains that the circumference of the earth was first discovered in 200 BC.

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Growing Human Organs

image of regenerating organ cells

Oganovo is a San Diego based company with a new invention that creates living human tissue.

This technology builds cells into three-dimensional structures such as human organs.


Portable Pocket Breathalyzer

image of pocket breathalyzer

This thumb-sized pocket breathalyzer can measure your blood alcohol level in minutes..

This invention provides the same results as a laboratory.

Learn how it works.

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3D Printing Pen

image of 3d doodler pen

Inventors received over 2 million dollars in advanced orders for their new invention - a three dimensional printing pen.

The pen can draw plastic shapes and create objects in the air.

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Bionic Eyes

image of bionic eye

Tiny "quantum" dots infused on an eye can make you see in the dark.

New technology allows for miniature semiconductors to be placed on the eye which makes light more visible and images brighter.

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I'm An Artist

photo of Ralph Baer

In this 3 minute video, Ralph Baer explains why he invents. Baer is widely regarded as the father of video gaming.

President George W. Bush awarded Baer the National Medal of Technology for his contributions to video game development. In this short interview, Baer talks about his inventions and explains how inventors are artists.

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