Quiz Questions About Famous Inventors and Inventions

Read our free quiz questions and discover interesting facts about famous inventors and famous inventions. In every answer there is a story.

Question 1.

Which famous inventor worked at a patent office?


a. Nikola Tesla.

b. Thomas Edison.

c. Albert Einstein.

Question 2.

The Niepce Crater on the Moon was named in recognition of the famous inventor Joseph Niepce. What did Niepce invent?

a. A telescope.

b. A camera.

c. A microscope.

Question 3.

What do inventors, Tesla, Popov and Lodge have in common?

a. They invented radio technology.

b. They invented telephone technology.

c. They invented electric motors.

Question 4.

The invention of the refrigerator made a significant improvement to our standard of living. When it was invented, not many people wanted one. Who invented the refrigerator ?

a. Oliver Evans.

b. Michael Faraday.

c. Carl Von Linde.

Question 5.

Many inventors contributed to the technology that created the television. There were conflicts between inventors over their rights to various aspects of this technology. Who invented the television?


a. John Baird.

b. Philo Farnsworth.

c. Vladimir Zworykin.

Question 6.

This famous inventor was considered to be far ahead of his time. He recorded his inventions in journals. Many of these inventions did not become known until centuries later. Who was this inventor?

a. Galileo Galilei.

b. Leonardo da Vinci.

c. Nostradamus.

Question 7.

The inventors of ear muffs, the trampoline, braille, and the paper bag, all have something in common. What do they have in common? Frog

a. They are blind.

b. They are teenagers.

c. They are women.

Question 8.

Which Inventor was on the cover of Time Magazine on July 20, 1931?

a. Thomas Edison.

b. Nikola Tesla.

c. Leonardo Da Vinci.

d. Guglielmo Marconi.

Question 9.

This famous invention was invented by a scientist working for this company. Which answer is correct?

a. Krazy Glue was invented at Kodak.

b. Velcro was invented at 3M.

c. Bungee Cord was invented at Ford.

Question 10.

Which organization invented the Internet ?

a. CERN.



Question 11.

Which of the following plants was first used to make paper?


b. HEMP.


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