Inventors and Inventions

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Question 1.

Who filed the first patent for an incandescent light bulb ?

    a. Humphry Davy.

    b. Thomas Edison.

    c. Joseph Swan.

    d. Henry Woodward.

Question 2.

What did Professor Otto Wichterle invent ?

    a. Jet engine.

    b. Super Soaker.

    c. Contact lenses.

Question 3.

These three women inventors, Josephine Cochran, Marion Donovan and Bette Nesmith Graham created inventions that made them rich and famous. What did they invent?

    a. Paper clip, Q-tip swab, bobbie pin.

    b. Dishwasher, disposable diaper, liquid paper.

    c. Electric toothbrush, zipper, acrylic nails.

Question 4.

The formula for this famous invention was originally used to treat indigestion. What was the invention ?

    a. Coca-Cola.

    b. Soap.

    c. Gunpowder.

Question 5.

What did Willis Carrier invent ?


    a. Air conditioner.

    b. Radio transmitter.

    c. Laser printer.

Question 6.

This famous invention caused a great debate over the meaning of words. What was the invention?


    a. Scrabble.

    b. Airplane.

    c. Toilet.

Question 7.

Which invention was known as the Puffing Billy?

    a. Vacuum cleaner.

    b. Bronchial inhaler.

    c. Steam engine.

Question 8.

This famous inventor was refused a patent for his invention. What was the invention?


    a. Telescope.

    b. Telephone.

    c. Telegraph.

Question 9.

This famous invention was inspired by counting the number of threads in fabric. What was the invention?

    a. X-ray.

    b. Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

    c. Microscope.

Question 10.

Who said the following: "Information is not knowledge" ?

    a. Nikola Tesla.

    b. Albert Einstein.

    c. Thomas Edison.

Question 11.

In which country was concrete invented ?

    a. China.

    b. Egypt.

    c. Italy.

Question 12.

In which country was the karaoke machine invented ?Frog

    a. United States.

    b. Japan.

    c. Philippines.

    d. Poland.

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