New Inventions

Gravity Light

photo of Bill Gates Bill Gates called this $6 invention "a pretty cool innovation".

It's called a GravityLightâ„¢ and it works without needing electricity.

It doesn't use any batteries. It doesn't use any fuel. It doesn't need solar power.

This means that 2 billion people who don't have electricity can use this invention to light up their homes.

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Make A Car In 60 Minutes

A manufacturer is using advanced 3d printing technology to make cars.

The company predicts consumers will be able to build their own full scale, fully functional, customized cars in about an hour.

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Man Jumps Without Parachute


Gary Connery fell from a helicopter flying at an altitude of 2,400 feet (731 meters) and crashed to the ground into a pile of boxes without using a parachute.

He is the first person to accomplish such a feat and was wearing a gliding suit invented by Tony Uragallo.

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Man Flies Like Jet

jetman invention

Inventor and jet fighter pilot, Yves Rossy, flies over the Grand Canyon with small jet engines attached to a wing on his back.

He flew at speeds of 205 mph (330 km) for eight minutes.

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Motorcycle Invention

motorcycle invention

Ben Gulak received a 1.2 million dollar investment for his dicycle invention. An electric one-wheeled cycle that transforms into a conventional motorcycle.

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science inventions

Adam Savage, the host of "MythBusters" explains how the speed of light was actually discovered in 1849.

He also explains that the circumference of the earth was first discovered in 200 BC.

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Growing Human Organs

regenerating organs invention

Oganovo is a San Diego based company with a new invention that creates living human tissue.

The technology builds cells into three-dimensional structures such as human organs.

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3D Printing Pen


Inventors received over 2 million dollars in advanced orders for their three dimensional printing pen.

The pen can draw plastic shapes and create objects in the air.

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Vein ID Scanner

vein scanning invention

A new invention called PalmSecure, reads the veins in our hands for identification.

Vein patterns are unique for each individual - similar to our fingerprints.

Vein recognition is purportedly less expensive and easier than other forms of identification. Read More...

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