New Inventions

Bill Gates called this $6 invention "a pretty cool innovation".

It's called a GravityLightâ„¢ and it works without needing electricity.

It doesn't use any batteries. It doesn't use any fuel. It doesn't need solar power.

It means that 2 billion people who don't have electricity can use this invention to light up their homes.

Read the story here.

photo of Bill Gates

Scientists at Harvard University have discovered a secret about sharks. Shark skin has a unique design that creates tornado-like funnels that suck the fish forward in the water. This allows them to swim faster with greater energy efficiency.

Read the story here.

image of shark Palmer

Palmer Luckey is a 21-year-old college dropout who invented a gaming device that was recently sold to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for 2 billion dollars. Described by experts as "mind blowing", "the coolest thing they've ever seen" and "the next biggest computer platform".

Read this amazing story here.

image of Luckey Palmer

Here are some unusual, clever, entertaining and crazy inventions.

See the videos here.

crazy inventions

Rylan Grayston is a 28-year-old inventor who lives in a small town. He has no education or training in computer science or engineering yet invented an inexpensive ($100) do-it-yourself 3d printer kit that is getting worldwide attention. Read his story here.

image of Rylan Grayston

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cellular phone, talks about what's wrong with smartphones and the purpose of technology in this three-minute interview. See video.

Martin Cooper

Inventors receive over 2 million dollars in advanced orders for their three dimensional printing pen. The pen can draw plastic shapes and create objects in the air. See video.


These inventors won the coveted Reddot Award for their new invention.

It's a circular, rotating blade knife that's been licensed to a large kitchenware company.

pizza cutter

Wondering what it's like to be Iron Man or maybe Dr. Octopus from Spiderman? Then you should check out this invention called a Flyboard.

flyboard invention

Charlie Sheen talks about his attempt to negotiate a license for his new invention - a lip balm dispenser.

charlie sheen invention

Gary Connery fell from a helicopter flying at an altitude of 2,400 feet (731 meters) and crashed to the ground into a pile of boxes without using a parachute. He is the first person to accomplish such a feat and was wearing a gliding suit invented by Tony Uragallo. See video.


Nevada becomes first state to pass laws allowing driverless cars. Google lobbied for the new legislation to help introduce this futuristic technology to the public.

jetman invention

Inventor and jet fighter pilot, Yves Rossy, flies over the Grand Canyon with small jet engines attached to a wing on his back. He flew at speeds of 205 mph (330 km) for eight minutes. See him fly.

jetman invention

This invention imitates bird flight. The Smart Bird robot takes off, lands and flies just like a real bird. It has a two-meter (6.5 ft) wingspan, a lightweight (450 gram) carbon-fiber skeleton, and uses hybrid drive technology to simulate the flying characteristics of the Herring Gull.

smart bird

Adam Savage, the host of "MythBusters" explains how the speed of light was actually discovered in 1849 and how the circumference of earth was discovered in 200 BC.

science inventions

Oganovo is a San Diego based company with a new invention that creates living human tissue. The technology builds cells into three-dimensional structures such as human organs.

regenerating organs invention

Ben Gulak received a 1.2 million dollar investment for his dicycle invention. An electric one-wheeled cycle that transforms into a conventional motorcycle. See video.

motorcycle invention

The smartbox is a new invention for vehicles. It's similar to the black box for airplanes. It records everything about your vehicle and is being used by insurance companies to reduce your insurance.

smartbox invention

Sebastin Thrun, with sponsorhip from Google, has developed an intelligent, perceptive, self-driving car that recognizes and responds to obstacles, traffic signs, traffic flow and driving conditions. Read More.

future cars

Scientists at the University of California can control flying beetles with implanted transmitters and cameras. The cyborg bugs could be used for surveillance and search operations.

robot bug invention

A new invention called PalmSecure, reads the veins in our hands for identification. Vein patterns are unique for each individual - similar to our fingerprints. Vein recognition is purportedly less expensive and easier than other forms of identification.

vein scanning invention

Albert Einstein invented an eco-friendly refrigerator in 1930. His refrigerator invention doesn't require electricity, has no moving parts, and doesn't use harmful gases.

einstein fridge invention

Inventor, Dr. Jeffrey Olsen, has invented a technology for improving light amplification in our eyes. He uses nanotechnology to implant quantum dots into the retina, which makes images brighter and clear.

bionic eye invention

This new invention is a hair-thin, stick-on electronic tattoo. It uses advanced micro-processing components to wirelessly monitor all kinds of information about your body. Read More.

medical invention

Inventors Julie and Scott Brusaw have invented an intelligent highway system made from solar panels. The Federal Highway Administration is financing their research and General Electric has awarded them an innovations grant. See Video.

solar roads

Inventor, Aiden Dwyer, created a solar tree that uses photovoltaic leaves to convert sunlight into electricity. Trees are designed to maximize exposure to sunlight and Dwyer's invention is 20% to 50% more efficient than flat solar panels.

solar tree

Solar paint could power our vehicles. A technological breakthrough in nanotechnology makes it possible for anything exposed to sunlight to be painted for power.

solar paint

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