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selling invention ideas
This free eBook explains the 5 mistakes you can't make selling inventive ideas, and how to get money for your ideas.

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Selling Invention Ideas

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Selling Inventive Ideas Book Review

Have you ever had a great idea and wondered what to do with it?

Selling Invention Ideas

Does selling your idea seem difficult, complicated, confusing and expensive?

There are a lot of people giving advice who have never invented anything or made any money from inventing anything.

How about the advice you're getting?

Do you get different opinions on what you should be doing?

Has anyone suggested that you're wasting your time? Are you frustrated about the access you have to resources?

When I first started, I had nothing to show for my efforts but debt and an ever increasing list of people who confused me.

Maybe you can relate.

For some reason only a small percentage of innovators are successful.

In fact, 93% of new ideas are never commercialized.

Obviously, something is wrong here!

Randy Belaire My name is Randy Belaire and my ideas and businesses have generated millions of dollars in revenues.

But I made lots of mistakes trying to convince others that my ideas had value.

I had a lot of learning to do and realized that my priorities were all wrong and needed to change if I was going to be successful.

Selling Invention Ideas

What's Wrong

Here are some interesting statistics.

In the United States there are 32,797 patent attorneys and agents.

The national average billing rate is $250 per hour.

That amounts to over 8 million dollars an hour, if there is enough work for everybody.

This generates 93% of the patents that are never commercialized.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, invention promotion companies collect an estimated 300 million dollars annually from inventors yet their success rate for commercializing inventions is less than 1 percent.

Would you follow the advice of someone who had a 1% success rate?

Here's The Truth

There is considerable misinformation about what is important and what steps you should take with an inventive idea.

We're told to do the wrong things, at the wrong time, in the wrong sequence, for the wrong reasons with the wrong people.

Why is this happening?

It happens because some people don't really know what works and others are just trying to sell you stuff.

Most of the stuff is not important and some of the people selling you services don't really care about your ideas - they only care about selling you their services.

The Fairy Tale

It's a fairy tale that all you do is give someone all your money and you'll get rich from your idea.

selling invention ideas I've never met anyone that has done this simple two-step get rich scheme.

All the rich innovators I know have never done this.

You absolutely can get rich with a great idea, but there are key steps between getting the idea and making money and these key steps are common to all successful inventors.

Selling Invention Ideas


Many of us believe that we can't talk about our ideas to anyone until we spend thousands of dollars protecting and perfecting them.

This isn't actually true.

Many of us are given misinformation about how to promote our inventive ideas and how to get people interested in them.

Success is directly related to convincing others that your idea will make them a lot of money.

You may be wondering how you do that without spending a lot of money?

I'm going to tell you.

Once you get your free copy of my eBook, be sure to read Page 39.

That's where you'll find the single most important factor that determines the success of any new idea.

You'll also discover on Page 67 the most important skill used to make any idea successful.

And on page 94 you find how to turn your ideas into valuable products.

selling invention ideas

Selling Inventive Ideas Book Review

Selling Invention Ideas

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On Page 11...

The true value of a patent and how to use it.

On Page 15...

The powerful secret that reveals the one thing investors want to know.

On Page 21...

What determines a money making idea.

On Page 39...

The shocking truth that causes most entrepreneurs to fail - even if they have money and a great idea.

On Page 53...

The biggest mistake inventors make about licensing their inventions.

On Page 67...

The most important skill used by all successful entrepreneurs.

On Page 89...

The correct sequence of steps to take for invention success.

selling invention ideas