Solar Car Battery Charger

first solar car battery chargerA solar car battery charger is an economical, convenient and eco-friendly method for charging batteries.

A car battery can go "dead" if you don't use your vehicle for awhile.

Normally, your car charges your battery with a belt-driven alternator that is rotated by the engine to generate electricity to the battery.

If a vehicle is not being used, your battery should be removed and connected to a charger plugged into an electrical outlet.

You could also leave a battery in the vehicle and try to "boost" it with cables connected to a fully charged battery. This will start the engine so the alternator can recharge your battery.

A solar charger is another way to charge your battery.

A solar charger is connected to a battery to keep it charged while not in use.

A panel is placed on the dash or outside the vehicle (if the panel is weather proofed) to receive sunlight. Free electrons are captured by the panel and converted into electricity.

The panel then sends this electricity through cables connected to your battery or through a cable plugged into the cigarette lighter.

solar car battery chargerThere are numerous makes and models of solar car battery chargers.

The best models will not overcharge or allow for loss of power (keeps it "topped-up").

Solar chargers are an inexpensive, convenient and a safe way to maintain and extend the life of a battery. Especially if you can't find, or want to avoid, plugging into an electricity grid.

Most of these solar chargers require direct sunlight to be effective and the size of the panel or number of solar cells determines how quickly your battery can be recharged.


solar car battery charger The Schumacher name is well known in the racing world and their company is an official supplier of chargers, jump starters and inverters to Nascar.

They manufacture a best-selling solar battery trickle charger. The charger provides 2.4 watts of solar power to car, motorcycle, mower or atv batteries.

It's easy to use, safe and of course requires no electricity.

The solar panel is water resistant so it even works under wet, cloudy conditions.

It comes with dual adapters for connecting to a battery or to a 12 volt port , a 12 v DC adapter, clamps, screws, user manual and warranty.