Solar Energy Technology

pop canInventor, Jim Meaney, has invented a solar energy technology that heats homes using recycled aluminum pop cans.

The patented invention consists of 240 cans constructed into tubes and placed in a module covered by a clear UV stabilized polycarbonate sheet.

The module is installed on an outside wall of a home and the sun heats the aluminum cans.

Residential Solar Energy

A fan draws air from the inside of the house, which rises through the aluminum tubes collecting heat before discharging back into the home through another fan at the top of the module.

The thermostatically controlled unit can heat hundreds of cubic feet of air in minutes, and can maintain room temperatures in about eight thousand cubic feet of residential space.

solar energy technology This solar energy technology is designed to be completely independent and complementary to existing heating systems.

Depending on location (amount of sunlight) owners claim savings of 20-40 percent on their heating costs and the elimination of 33,000 lbs of pollutants (carbon dioxide, methane and other emissions) that warm the atmosphere.

Solar Power Kits

solar energy technologyHome solar power systems are valued assets to home owners. The more energy costs rise, the more valuable solar power kits and residential solar energy systems will become.

Solar homes have a higher perceived market value especially when you can produce utility bills showing significant savings and reduced maintenance costs.

An average home uses 47% of it's energy consumption for heating space, 24% for lighting, 17% for boiling water, 7% for air conditioning, and 5% for refrigeration.

Solar Power Cost

Although solar power for homes is an attractive investment, photovoltaic solar panels would require a system costing $16,000-$20,000 for the average home, and that's not including installation.

But, with the solar energy technology invented by Jim Meaney, the cost is under $3,000, which is not only a significant savings but a faster return on investment.

It's not surprising that Jim has been successfully manufacturing and selling his product to clients all over the world.

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