Invention Licensing Company

An invention licensing company, or an invention marketing firm, generally refers to companies that offer an invention promoting service.

You pay them to patent, promote and license your invention.

It is not the same as an invention licensing agent, or agency, that will represent you for a commission or percentage of royalties.

The difference is that an invention licensing company will ask you to prepay funds that can accumulate to substantial amounts.

Hit by Lightning

The reality is - you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than trying to buy your way to success by using an invention licensing company. Most inventors have above average intelligence. Many are quite ingenious. They are creative problem solvers. Some inventors have many inventive ideas.

Inventors are generally hard working, passionate and persistent about their creations.

They can also be quite eccentric, very independent and definitely different.

Manipulative and Unfair

Like many artists, inventors can feel that the world of business is confusing, complicated, greedy. manipulative and unfair.

Some inventors, like artists, may have little or no experience with commerce and lack knowledge in this field.

The lack of this experience and knowledge can have an adverse effect on inventors and on their potential for success. They can become frustrated with their progress.

They may even attempt to finance a licensing company to make their invention successful.

Pay Thousands

There are many invention companies that will ask you to submit an invention idea. These marketing services also exist in other industries.

An aspiring model may pay an agency thousands of dollars to have a portfolio made and promoted - in the hopes that he/she will get a modeling contract.

A singer/songwriter may pay an agency thousands of dollars to have their music recorded and promoted - in the hopes that he/she will get a recording contract.

An inventor may pay thousands of dollars to an invention licensing company to have their invention patented, prototyped and promoted - in the hopes they will get a licensing contract.

Expose Yourself


Unfortunately there are invention companies, just like some modeling or talent agencies, that don't make money from having successful clients.

That is not how they make their profits. They profit from the funds received from their clients. There is little incentive for much else - other than getting lots of new clients.