Business Introduction Letter

A business introduction letter is an introduction to your business plan.

The purpose of this letter is to get someone to read your plan. It should be one page or two in length. It's your 20-second elevator speech but not a condensed version of your business plan.

It should excite and invite someone to read your plan. Make sure it is clear, concise and interesting.

First Paragraph

Your first paragraph should introduce yourself. It should highlight the major benefit of your business plan. It should explain why you sent it to the reader.

Why did you decide to send this person your letter? Did someone refer this person to you or did you read something about this person? Why should this person care about what you're telling them?

You want the reader to be interested in how they will benefit from reading your material.

Second Paragraph

Your second paragraph should highlight your credibility, your advantages and accomplishments. What can you say that is impressive?

Your strategy is to get the reader to be responsive to you.

Third Paragraph

Your third paragraph is where you state your follow up. Make it convenient and simple for your reader to learn more.

Consider offering a sample, a demonstration or examination of your product.

Give the date, time and method that you will be contacting the reader and ensure that you do so.

The whole purpose of your business introduction letter is to get someone to start reading your business plan.

The reader should feel that they will learn something or discover something that will benefit them by reading your plan.