Hologram Technology

miku Hologram technology has created a pop sensation, but the chart-topping, singing diva is not a real person.

She is a holographic display - a computer generated character that sings and dances on stage backed by a live band.

Her name is Hatsume Miku and although she is only a hologram, she has been performing to sold out concerts throughout Japan, Singapore, and the United States.

Hologram technology has never been used like this. Audiences can observe the 3D holographic display from any position, as if it was a real entertainer performing.

3D Projector

Miku was created by the technology firm Crypton Future Media in collaboration with Sega, Sony Music, and Yahama, using hologram technology developed by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan.

Holographic images are created by a holographic 3d projector - dozens of 3d projectors are used so that viewers in the audience can see the performer from any angle.

The technology known as "fVision", allows the holographic projector display to move across the stage and perform like a live entertainer.

Yahama's Vocaloid software synthesizes voice samples to create Miku's voice and singing style.

We can only surmise what impact this new hologram technology may have on the future of live entertainment. Is it merely a novelty, or can we expect to see holographic images of real performers?

Perhaps Lady Gaga will be performing live in New York, and her holographic replicas will be performing in Paris, London, and elsewhere at the same time.

And what about entertainers from the past? Could film and television footage be rendered with this technology. Apparently it can.

So maybe, there is a chance we'll see Elvis back on tour in the near future.

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