Cool Spy Gadgets

spy pen camera

This page features cool spy gadgets - spy pen camera, spy voice recorder, outdoor wireless security camera, and covert gps tracking.

A spy pen camera is among the smallest spy gadgets. It can record audio and video within a 15 meter (50 ft.) radius.

A usb spy pen camera can download recordings directly to your computer via a usb port.

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide 2 hours of continuous recording with an internal memory capacity of 2GB, although premium models can provide 32 hours of recording with a memory of 16GB.

These cool spy gadgets also function as regular pens with a refillable ink cartridge. The tip is retractable by turning a center ring. Access to the internal usb port is accessible by unscrewing the pen body.

The camera lens and built-in microphone are above the pen clip. To start continuous recording you press a button at the top of the pen. Press again to stop recording.

A small recessed light at the back of the pen indicates the recording mode. Options for these cool spy gadgets include usb cables, wall and car chargers.

Prices range from $40 to $80 depending on memory storage and battery capacity. Uses include contract signings, interviews, lectures, meetings, and evidence gathering.

Spy Voice Recorder

spy voice recorderThese cool spy gadgets provide voice activated recordings, which means a recording only occurs when a voice is detected and stops when there is no detection.

Some spy voice recorders include accessories for recording telephone and cell phone conversations, as well as USB cables for downloading files to your computer.

A very popular spy voice recorder is the flash model - a real functioning flash drive with audio recording capability.

This flash drive has internal memory capabilities ranging from 2GB to 8GB lasting 40 to 160 hours. It is charged by plugging it into your computer. The recording mode is activated by pressing a button on the side of the flash.

This spy voice recorder is quite unobtrusive because there is nothing to indicate that it records voices, even if you examine it closely. Most models can be attached to your car keys.

Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

wireless cameraOne of the advantages of using an outdoor wireless security camera are the location options. You can strategically place the camera wherever you need it without worrying about wiring.

You can also easily move cameras from one location to another. A receiver connects to your digital video recorder or television and receives transmissions from cameras as far way as 137 meters (450 ft.).

Another advantage is that wireless IP cameras are connected to routers that allow you to view real time camera images from anywhere using your smart phone or any internet connected device.

These cool spy gadgets are also available with built-in video/audio recording functions, motion detection sensors, night vision capabilities, as well as zoom, tilt and panning features.


cool inventionsThe Zoombak is one of those cool spy gadgets that use gps technology.

It is a small universal A-GPS locator that can be used for covert gps tracking of anything in real-time and on-demand.

It keeps track of children, bicycles, pets, backpacks or anything else you want to track. Satellite and cellular technology determines the precise location of the device that you can track on your smartphone or computer.

A map tracking feature provides automatic updates and you can view a map on your user account.


Privacy Rights

The use of spy gadgets are subject to laws governing privacy rights. How you use these devices may be interpreted by law enforcement as commission of a criminal offense.

Therefore, it is wise to seek legal advice to ensure your usage is compliant with relevant regulations.

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