Mens Gadgets

Digital Reader

digital level

This pocket-sized digital level can do measurements and calculations in areas where larger levels can't fit.

Used by professionals it has a high rate of accuracy and displays and converts angles in degrees (°) or slopes (%) , millimetres or metres, inches or feet, without the need for calculations.

It has a pause function that allows the user to hold a reading on the display, which is handy when your measuring an angle in an area with difficult access and can't read the level - which is why orthopedic surgeons have used it during operations.

The display reading can invert, which means it reads right-side up when the level is up-side down so it's easier to read.

It is molded in an impact-resistant ABS polymer with built in horizontal and vertical bubbles on an aluminum magnetic base for metal surface attachment.


USB Microscope

usb microscope

A usb microscope is a digital microscope that connects to a USB port on your computer, laptop or smartphone (some models are also wireless).

It's like a webcam with a high-powered lens. Stills, videos, and time-lapse images can be viewed on your monitor, saved or emailed.

Because images appear on a monitor, they can be viewed by more than one person, eliminating the need for others to squint through an eyepiece to see a magnification.

These digital microscopes usually have a light source (fiber optic light or LEDS) and have as much as 200X magnification.

This popular gadget has many advantages, whether it's checking tread wear on a tire, examining coins, banknotes, tools, printed circuit boards, plants, minerals or your skin.

It makes a home or field science lab feasible with the touch of a button.

They're mobile, convenient, lightweight and affordable.

In fact, similar microscopes are used by law enforcement agencies for real time analysis and evidence imaging.


Mini Camcorders

mini camcorderSmall enough to carry in your pocket and resembling the shape of a smartphone, this gadget is rugged.

Video quality is typically better than smartphones and has more features and benefits. Models such as Kodak's PlaySport Zx5 or Panasonic's HM-TA20 are shockproof, dustproof and waterproof.

You can film or shoot photos underwater, drop-kick them to the ground, bury them in a sandy beach, or cover them with grease - then wash them in your sink.

These are tough gadgets.

With all the usual bells and whistles these mini camcorders also have built-in image stabilization to reduce blur in shaky videos - just in case your filming yourself surfing, skydiving or at a party scene.

Low-light performance recording (night viewing), glare shields for sunshine replays, 4GB internal memory, editing capabilities, and full 1080p HD, make these mini recorders ideal for active users.

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