Simple Inventions

water powered clockThis simple invention is a water clock.

You fill it with water and it operates as any normal LCD digital clock - displaying the date and time in easy to read digits. The water powered clock doesn't require any batteries.

In fact, you can fill it with any pop or fruit juice, even coffee or beer and it will still work. A clear casing allows you to see your beverage of choice inside the clock.

Here is how it works.

The secret is that the water clock is a battery.

Inside is an electrolyte cell with two metal posts.

An electrolyte battery or cell (see: organic battery also: baghdad battery) needs two dissimilar metals - one copper and one zinc - and a connection between them to complete a circuit.

When the posts are immersed in a liquid that conducts electricity (water) then electrons flow from one post to the other creating a current.

The electric current powers the clock. If you add fruit juice, or soda pop, it makes the liquid more conductive.


Unclogging Drains

simple inventionInventor Scott Turner had an idea on how to quickly and easily unclog a sink or bath drain.

Most sinks or tubs become clogged or slow draining because of hair accumulated in the drain trap.

Chemical cleaners, plungers, and compressed air devices are not very effective in removing hair.

Scott's invention is the clever use of a hook and loop pad attached to a 26 inch long flexible cable.

The pad has tiny barbs that instantly snags and pulls entangled hair out of a drain. It works.

It's also inexpensive, eco-friendly, safe and reusable, which is why the Flexisnake has become such a popular tool in many households.


Making Meatballs

simple inventionMaking meatballs quicker and easier inspired this simple invention.

A plastic box with dividers is placed over ground beef and rotated in a circular motion creating small round balls.

Who knew that there was a demand for such a product.

This invention has become a popular kitchen gadget replacing the traditional method of rolling meat by hand. It has sold millions.

You can read the story about how the inventor developed this simple invention.

Source: Meatball Magic


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