Invention Submissions

There are companies that will solicit invention submissions through advertising. There are guidelines you should follow if you communicate with any of these companies.

They appeal to thousands of inventors who are unfamiliar on how to commercialize their inventions.

They request invention submissions in order to solicit advanced funds for services they sell to inventors.

These services are promoted as being helpful steps in pursuing a licensing arrangement for your invention.

The Problem

The problem with 93% of these companies is that they don't know how to license an invention any more than 93% of inventors.

Compass It's the blind leading the blind.

Imagine being lost in the woods.

You see a sign nailed on a tree that says, "Lost. We can help. Just whistle."

You whistle.

Along comes a boy scout who says he can try to find a way out of the woods. He is wearing a boy scout uniform. He has badges and patches all over his shirt. He even has a compass.

He tells you to follow him but that he needs to share your food and water. You agree and the both of you start walking. He eats all your food and drinks all your water.

After a while you realize you have been walking in circles.

You don't have any food or water.

You are weary and tired.

The boy scout tells you to rest while he goes to search for food and water. He never returns. You sit there feeling hopeless.

It turns out that the boy scout wasn't actually a boy scout. His uniform wasn't a real scout uniform nor were his badges and patches.

Hook However, he never said he was a boy scout.

He never represented himself as a boy scout.

He never agreed or promised to get you out of the woods - he only said he would try to help you.

You agreed to share your food and water in exchange for following him in circles.

He didn't do anything illegal. It may be immoral but it was not a crime. It was just two people lost in the woods trying to help each other out.

Reputable Companies

Reputable companies, or individuals, that represent inventors are selective about their clients. Most of their fees are on a contingency basis.

This means they get paid if they are successful in licensing or selling your invention.

They are more interested in clients that are properly prepared and have a profitable invention. They will accept clients because they are reasonably certain they can sell or license their invention.

Companies that solicit invention submissions are usually interested in the profitability of their services.

Here are the questions you should ask anyone soliciting for invention submissions.

motorcycle invention
Student gets 1.2 million dollar investment for his dicycle invention.

Teen Millionaire..........

College student gets $10 million in advanced orders for his smartwatch.

Smartwatch Millions..........