Invention Marketing

solution The purpose of invention marketing is to create a transfer of conviction about your product.

It is getting others to see what you see in your invention - to understand all of its potential benefits - the demand for those benefits - and the profits that can be realized from meeting that demand.

Profit Potential

Invention marketing is about creating a complete picture of what can be achieved with your product.

When someone doesn't understand you, they will ask questions or give you objections.

The more incomplete the picture, the more questions and objections you will receive. The goal of invention marketing is to find the customers who have the most to gain from your invention.

Licensing is merely aligning yourself with companies catering to those same customers.

The Risk

Many companies may refuse to consider your invention unless you have a patent. This is to protect the company from claims that they took your invention idea.

Large companies invest millions of dollars in product research and development and they cannot afford risking their investment by reviewing independent inventions that may result in future claims against them. Alternatively, a company may ask you to sign a disclosure agreement meaning they are not responsible for any information you provide them.

There is a myth surrounding patents, which confuses a lot of people including companies.

This myth has always been a problem for inventors, especially inventors without experience or a track record. The importance of large companies is that they control distribution and therefore inventors are placed in a "take it" or "leave it" situation.

However, there are options now available to inventors that did not exist before that are detailed in 5 Big Lies. These options provide independent inventors with a means to market their own inventions.

Best Strategy

The best invention marketing strategy is to eventually align yourself with companies that are expanding and looking for a competitive edge against their rivals.

There are many ways to do this, without surrendering financial control of your invention, but it is critical to be able to "prove" your invention makes money before you consider approaching them.

Best Advice

The people running successful businesses recognize profitable opportunities more readily and can make things happen faster.

Companies in decline are companies making wrong decisions, so you do not align yourself with them.

You do not want to align yourself with a losing team because its not good for your invention.

Some large companies may profitably expand through diversification meaning that they may have no growth in their original industry.

You will have to research this to ensure their growth is in the industry related to your invention.

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