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Android Watch

android watch I'm Watch is an android watch that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The idea behind this smartwatch is the convenience of "being connected" by "being connected".

In other words, you're wearing this fashionable device instead of carrying it in your pocket or purse.

It's hands free, discreet, stylish, functional jewellery that let's you do everything you currently do with a smartphone.

You can receive phone calls and answer them directly through a speakerphone on your wrist watch.

You can use your email, SMS, apps, listen to music (wireless headphones), connect to social media, play games or use this smartwatch to monitor your workouts.

The I'm Watch uses to cloud-technology and is entirely engineered and manufactured in Italy.



Vitalsigns is an iPhone App that can read your vital signs by taking a picture of your face.

An advanced algorithm developed by Philips uses the camera on an iPad or iPhone to calculate your heart and breathing rate.

How it Worksvital sign app

It uses real time video to detect subtle changes of color and movements to determine your heart and breathing rate.

Small changes in facial color known as "mico-blushes" occur as your heart beats. These blushes are not visible to the naked eye but are detected by the video.

Similarly, chest and shoulder movement changes as we breathe and this is also detected by the video.

The algorithm uses this information to calculated your heart and breathing rate. It also includes a history of your readings with charts and tables to compare readings over a period of time.

Stress Tracker

The Vital Signs App is not recommended for diagnosis or clinical use. Philips disclaims any use of the App for anything other than entertainment purposes.

But this hasn't deterred tens of thousands of users from downloading it. In fact, it's been a top selling App in over seventy countries.

So why is it so popular?

Apparently, it's become a kind of stress-o-meter. Stress causes dysfunctional heart and breathing rates whereas being relaxed causes these rates to function normally.

So the App is being used to track the when, what, where, why and who of the interactions that make users the happiest.

Happy App

smilePhilips has even upgraded their technology to allow users to simultaneously measure the heart and breathing rates of two people at once.

Not surprisingly, it's called the "Valentine Mode".

It also integrates with your Facebook, Twitter and Email accounts in case you want to share your measurements with your friends, which apparently a lot of people like to do.

By tracking public notifications of user's starting and ending their relationships, Facebook has been able to determine some interesting trends.

For example, people tend to get stressed-out over their relationships at certain times of the year.

Couples tend to break-up during the summer months but December and February are typically the favorite months to begin a relationship.

Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be the best days for beginning a relationship while ending one is most likely to occur on a Friday or Saturday.

Philips realizes that their video algorithm has the potential to be used for other applications and has made it available for licensing.

Combined with other capabilities this technology could make the next generation smart phone a mobile lie detector.

Imagine the possibilities of that application?



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