Cool Kitchen Gadgets

The inventors of these cool kitchen gadgets hope to improve our cooking and dining experience. Here's a look at fruit juicers, pizza cutters, meat thermometers. egg separators, cherry pitters and other cool chefs tools.

Pizza Cutters

pizza cutters Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. You can make it from scratch, buy it frozen or have it delivered ready to eat.

Pizza hasn't changed much in the past century but pizza cutters have definitely improved.

Check out this cool kitchen gadget invented by Jessica Moreland and Chris Hawker. The Pitzo pizza cutter uses a hubless design to improve the gripping and downward cutting pressure of the blade.

pitzo pizza cutter The free running, stainless steel blade glides through pizza.

The blade is a circular ring that rotates around and through the handle like a wheel. It removes easily for cleaning or sharpening.

This cool gadget enables both right-hand and left-hand usage.

This cutter is vastly superior to a knife or pizza wheel and it looks cool.

The Pitzo pizza cutter won the Reddot Award for product design.

Reddot is a highly respected product design competition with more than 11,000 entries from over sixty countries competing for the award each year.

Jessica and Chris licensed their pizza cutter to Lifetime Brands, the world's largest manufacturer of brand name kitchenware products like KitchenAid, Farberware, Cuisnart and others.


Fruit Juicers

fruit juicers If you want to add citrus flavor to a recipe without cutting and squeezing fruit - then use this cool gadget and spray away.

There are various kinds of fruit juicers that are popular chefs tools but Stem is something completely different.

It's a citrus juicer that sucks juice directly from an orange, lemon or lime and sprays it evenly over your food.

Serrated teeth along the shaft easily punctures fruit.

A one finger pump then sucks the juice from the fruit into a nozzle and sprays a fine mist over your food.

"Spray it, don't squeeze it"! says inventor Tim Houle.

It works so well, users claim they have sucked fruit dry of juice. Adding fresh juice to a dish just got a lot easier with this cool kitchen gadget.


Meat Thermometers



Thermapen is a digital meat thermometer that uses the same technology as more expensive food thermometers.

This cool kitchen gadget is a popular chefs tool in restaurants because it doesn't use cables.

Most food thermometers require two hands but Thermapen requires just one. It is designed for simplicity, accuracy and ease of use.

The probe folds-away and the handle has molded seals to protect the thermometer from wet hands and splashes. It gives a temperature reading in just 3 seconds.

There are no buttons or switches. Just unfold the probe and it turns on - close and it turns off.


Egg Separator


Egg whites are healthy. An egg white contains 3 grams of protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, nine essential amino acids and no fat, carbohydrates or cholesterol.

By comparison, the egg yolk is high in fat, calories and cholesterol. If you want to eat the whites without the yolk you have to separate them. This can be awkward and messy even with the best kitchen gadgets.

So inventor Mark Fusco came up with a better idea. His cool kitchen gadget sucks a yolk from egg white.

egg separator A clear plastic chamber nozzle attaches to a silicone bulb. When you place the nozzle over a yolk and squeeze the bulb, it creates a vacuum that extracts the yolk into the chamber leaving you with just egg whites.

Squeeze again and it expels the yolk. No fuse, no mess, very easy, and no pieces of egg shell.

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Cherry Pitter


Cherry pie is one of the most popular pies baked in America. Only apple and pumpkin are made more often.

Cherry cheesecake, cupcakes, jubilee, cobbler and ice cream adds to the list of popular recipes using cherries - not to mention the delightful chocolate-dipped cherry.

But preparing fresh cherries requires a good cherry pitter.

cherry pitter The Oxo Good Grips is a cool kitchen gadget that easily removes pits from cherries. A recessed cup holds a variety of different sized cherries in a chamber.

Squeeze the handle and a splatter guard covers the cherry while the shaft punctures and removes the pit.

Closes and locks for easy storage. This cherry pitter can also be used for olives.

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Chefs Tools

tablet stand

If you're reading a recipe while in the kitchen - you're probably using a tablet.

But tablets and food don't mix so an easy-to-use tablet stand would be a great tool.

The Belkin Chef Stand is a cool kitchen gadget that won the CES Innovation Award for design and engineering.

award The stand holds a any size tablet at various angles or flat. It has a non-slip rubber base so it won't slide on wet counter tops.

It comes with a stylus that interacts with any touchscreen so messy fingers don't have to touch the tablet.

It's a great addition to the kitchen if you're accessing recipes, cookbooks or measurements on the web.


Titanium Spork


It's not a spoon or a fork - it's both - a "spork". Some say it's a "foon". Whatever you call it, it's a cool kitchen gadget that combines the best of both utensils.

It has a spoon-like scoop with fork tines, which makes it a perfect addition to lunchboxes or just leave in the kitchen for eating things like jello, rice, beans, macaroni and other "spoon-fork" foods.

What's different about this spork is that it's titanium - an extremely strong, non-corrosive, durable, lightweight metal used in aircraft and dental implants.

In fact, it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all metals. In other words, this titanium spork will last forever. It's also non-magnetic and has no metallic taste or smell.


Making Meatballs

image of meatball magicMaking meatballs quicker and easier inspired this cool kitchen gadget, which has sold millions.

A plastic box with dividers is placed over ground beef and rotated in a circular motion creating small round balls.

Who knew that there was a need for such a product.

image of making meatballs This invention has become a popular tool replacing the traditional method of rolling meat by hand.

You can read the story about how the inventor developed this simple invention.

Source: Meatball Magic


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